• well•ness

    • The state or condition of being in
    good physical and mental health •

  • cou•ture
    /KOO ‘TOOR, - ‘TYR/

    • The design and manufacture of WELLNESS to
    a client’s specific requirements and measurements •


“Your HEALTH is Your WEALTH“

Differing from conventional medicine, WELLNESS COUTURE calls attention to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem, tailoring a therapeutic treatment plan specific to YOU.

Be a part of OUR Wellness Journey

We all have Our OWN Journey to Wellness…

It is time to focus on your path to Wellness!

What’s your path to Wellness…
What’s your WHY?

Begin YOUR Journey to Wellness with Wellness Couture:


  • Nutrition Evaluation
    • We offer a variety of Specialty tests analyzing your Blood, Urine, Saliva & Stool
  • Nutrition Follow-up Visits
  • Custom Nutrition Plan
  • Custom Supplements
  • Food Planning and Shopping Session
  • Refrigerator and Pantry Assessment

Fitness Training

  • Running Coach
  • Fitness Evaluation
    • Vo2max
    • Dexa Scan
  • Personal Training

What’s NEW with Wellness Couture

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What Our Clients Say About Us:

“Being a chiropractor with over 20 years of clinical expertise, as well as having an extensive background in nutrition, I was extremely impressed with Dr. Cynthia Barrett’s innovative knowledge of human performance and how nutrition can be improved with her cutting-edge advice. I would definitely refer family, friends and patients so that they can achieve their peak state of wellness.”

Dr. Jeff R.Chiropractor

“Cynthia you’ve always been a positive influence mentally, physically and emotionally. You give great advice on how to stay healthy and what foods to add or subtract from our diet. In addition you provide specific workout routines that cater to each individual’s needs. It’s always a pleasure working with you.”

Maria K.

“A former college athlete, I thought I needed to lose only 5-10 pounds. Dr. Barrett gave me a focused wellness plan based on my physical goals, my lifestyle and my genetic tendencies. It was simple but tough: her plan targeted my problem areas in ways a cookie-cutter weight-loss program would overlook. I lost 38 pounds. My waist got thinner by 5 inches. My health has never been better. She gets results. ”

John P.

“Cynthia has an amazing ability to understand the root of a problem and provide solutions that will not just mask the symptoms but actually resolve the underlying issue. Her advice helped my baby boy tremendously!”

Dina W.

“After struggling with hyperthyroidism for a year, I consulted with Cynthia, who made recommended specific changes to my diet. With a few months and continued consultation, I’ve seen remarkable improvements in symptoms and optimistic this condition will eventually be resolved.”

Cliff T.

“I can always count on Cynthia to bring a new and practical nutritional tip to Equinox’s Precision Running class every week. She also convinced a lifetime Gatorade drinker to reconsider the daily ingestion of those chemicals and sugar.”

Christopher S.