Honored to have my Precision Running workout published by Equinox on so many different levels…🏻‍♀️1. I feared running. Although very active growing up, I HATED running! I rode my bike everywhere because I had asthma and could never keep up running with other children even though I appeared physically fit. 2. Decided to join the Curtis High School Track-team at the age of 14 during the first week of freshman year to CHALLENGE myself and get more cardio fit. 3. Started off slower than my peers, lost toe nails and gained blisters due to ill fitting shoes but learned HOW and got through eventually. 4. Continued to run and broke the HS school record for race walk, ran for Hunter College and qualified for championship meets, just through shear practice and being relentless…period. 5. Then my Hunter College track coach suggested I go to the Running School to coach kids over the summer to get them ready for x-country…2-3 hour car ride up to Monticello NY thinking what am I doing… I feared public speaking in large groups of people… 6. Well over 18 years later, through straight practice, I’ve went on to coach for many years at The Running School, my good old girls X-country High School Track-team, Rise by We, and ultimately Equinox. 🏻‍♀️“Only thing we have to Fear is Fear itself”- Franklin D. Roosevelt 🏻‍♀️I feared running and public speaking and decided to I would be FEARED NO MORE!!!🏻‍♀️As Equinox says, “Commit to Something” and challenge you today to commit to something you fear. Thank you Equinox for the feature and for those runners out there running this Caution Hill Precision Run… BE FEARLESS!!! 🏻‍♀️🏻‍♀️🏻‍♀️#running #precisionrunning #equinox #equinoxmademedoit #committosomething #fearless

WELLNESS COUTURE WEDNESDAYS – MY “PICK” and “TIPS”:🏻‍♀️MY “PICK”:CORISSA!Corissa is a dedicated Equinox member who takes my Precision Running class every Thursday 6:30 am! She has been coming every week since the start of pregnancy, now 9 months pregnant, still makes the commitment to come and then go to work… talk about dedication! Why you ask? Because Clorissa made the choice in her mind this is what she is going to do and just shows up. 🏻‍♀️Ask your self, are you showing up to be the best you? Falling back in love with yourself is exactly what we need to do to hit the “reset” button.#“TIP” on how to hit “RESET”- Get on a good sleep schedule – if this doesn’t happen then the rest of the list that follows can be thrown in the trash! Studies show just one hour less of sleep at night decreases productivity. Allow your body to recover and you will be more product and also shed those unwanted pounds!- Make a Weekly to do list – preview your schedule a week prior (i.e. – Saturday am) and outline each day what needs to be done in order of priority. – Meal prep! After you have figured out your weekly schedule, make time on your weekend to think about what nights you will cook, order in, or go out to eat. Having a game plan is key to staying on track. – Hold yourself accountable! Set multiple alarms during the day aka creating trigger moments:1-Set an alarm reminding you to drink water, go to sleep, and include a serving of veggies every meal 2-Keep a food journal – so powerful to know what you ate and use a hunger scale – 1 )Starving – 5)Being Stuffed to identify boredom vs stress-eating. This also aids in identifying what foods cause unwanted symptoms. 3- Oh – and you can make always have your nutritionist to help if all fails🤷🏻‍♀️. #If you found yourself falling off the wagon this summer, no worries, we are here to get you back on track and hold you accountable. #“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.” – Vincent Van Gogh